3 Things To Avoid If You Want To Get Your Ex Back

Posted on July 1, 2010


3 Things to Avoid if You Want to Get Your Ex Back

Author: Ruby Mora

Everyone has gone through a break up at one time or another. Take yourself as an example, why are your reading this article right now? It is most probably because you have just broken up with your partner and now you are desperately looking for a solution to get your ex back. I have been heartbroken way too many times in the past and surely learned a lot out of these sad moments. I will share with you a few things that you should avoid when trying to get your ex back so you do not have to go through a miserable time too.

The one thing that you should try to avoid most is to beg your ex to take you back. It is the biggest mistake most people do after a break up, it DOES NOT work. So, you better not do it to avoid making the situation worse for yourself, it will only make your ex go even further from you. Begging is not a funny thing either, worse things it can do is to lower yourself in the eyes of your ex and I am sure this is not what you want.

The second thing that you should not do is to stalk your ex. You probably want to stay aware of all your ex’s moves but avoid doing it. I have done it and god knows how much I regret it, I have been hearing things that you would never want to hear. Also doing this nowadays can also get you in jail. Your ex definitely does not want to get back with someone who is behind bars, don’t you think?

The third thing you should avoid which is equally important as the two above is to spread lies about your ex. This is a very childish reaction but many adults do it. In a sad time like a break up where you not really have your entire mind, it is easy to do stupid things that you might regret later. Many people think when they do this; their ex will come back to them just so that the stupidity stops but this is wrong. Do not try to make your relationship worse than it already is.

If you have been able to avoid all these since your break up means you are doing the good this. You have already made a big step, not you only have to work on a good plan to win your ex back.

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Ruby Mora has been as a relationship adviser to her friends for a long time. Mostly dealing with delicate situations like a break ups where the partners wanted to get their ex back. She recommends reading The Magic Of Making Up, an e-book that has already helped thousands of couples to get back together.

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