Want To Get Your Ex Back? You Need the Nuclear Option

Posted on July 1, 2010


Want to Get Your Ex Back? You Need the Nuclear Option

Author: Elena Morgan

One of the most hotly debated issues for those who want to get your ex back is the so called “no contact rule”. Should you or shouldn’t you? Who should initiate contact first, the dumper or the dumpee? If I break the rule am I showing weakness? There is absolutely no right answer as each situation is different. But what you’re going to see here is the “No Contact Rule Nuclear Option” – that can change the whole game.

We know why we employ the No Contact Rule:

To create time and distance to make the heart grow fonder.

Keep up a strong front in the face of hurt and pain.

Create Mystery. It may actually drive your ex crazy wondering what you are up to.

Time to heal. For both the dumper and the dumpee, it’s a much needed time to ease emotions and heal the pain of the break up.

It’s time for you. No matter what the future holds, you need to use this time to better yourself, build your confidence and re-engage with the world. No matter what happens, you’ll be in a better place.

The big question is how long should the No Contact period last. Some think that the point of NC rule is to flesh out the dumper to make him or her want to initiate the contact so it should last as long as it takes.

There are those who think the NC period shouldn’t last more than a couple of months. The fear is that, past a certain amount of time the heart no longer grows fonder, rather it grows fainter and the ex may just decide to move on.

The debate will rage on and the question will never be answered to everyone’s satisfaction because no two situations are alike. The circumstances surrounding the breakup and the personalities involved create variables that can’t be addressed with any simple answer or formula.

Let me put an end to the debate by offering you a way to get your ex back with the No Contact Rule Nuclear Option. It doesn’t matter if you are the dumpee or the dumper. If it is within you to want to keep the fire lit and initiate contact, then you need to use the Nuclear Option.

Using this contact approach will position you as the stronger person, with no ax to grind while, at the same time, raising the level of curiosity in your ex.

No Contact Rule Nuclear Option in Action:

You’ll want this to be communicated in the form of a voice message. The likelihood, is that, when you’re spotted on the caller ID your ex will let it go to voice mail anyway.

In a natural, calm, slightly cheerful voice, say something along these lines, “Hi! Hope things are going well for you. Obviously, I’ve had a lot of time to think about things and I came to the realization that I owe you a debt of gratitude for what you did. So, I was hoping to have the opportunity to thank you. Give me a call when you get a chance.”

Even though there was no great sense of urgency in your voice and message, your ex will be anxious to know what it is you are talking about. This approach can lead to a great opportunity to open a friendly and constructive dialogue.

Be sure to have a plan in place before you actually talk with your ex. Know what you’re going to say – that is, why you are grateful. Otherwise, it will be seen as a ruse.

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