Top 10 Mistakes Guys Make Trying To Get Their Ex Back

Posted on July 17, 2010


Here are 10 relationship crushing mistakes guys make trying (in vain) to get their girl back. Ignore them and write off any chance of getting her back now and forever.

1) You’re not taking things seriously. You must be committed if you really want her back. Get rid of the bad habits that she hates.

2) You’re not willing to change. An extension of the last problem. If you behave in a way you know is not good for you and repeat it even if your ex can’t stand it, you might not be ever getting her back.

3) You have a negative self-image. If you feel you’re not good enough for her, she most likely sees it. So why should she want you back? Work on building a more positive image of yourself. If you really suffer from depression or other deep thoughts, see a therapist for guidance.

4) You don’t understand what she wants. Avoid the victim mentality here. Don’t self-pity. It is a very unattracitve quality. Try to focus on her and consider your girl’s perspective.

5) You’re not taking action. Actions speak louder than words. So take them. Take a few small steps today.Be kinder. Workout. Improve your financial picture. Put change into action.

6) You are not confident. Honestly, don’t you love people who are positive and self-assured? Of course, you do. So don’t come to your girl with weak “I love you’s.” Deal with your core problems and she will see you in a positive light.

7) You panic. Don’t call them when you’re drunk, or text them every 30 minutes or call her family members. Danger-danger, return to the ship. Re-read #6.If panic attacks really are a problem with you, please see a therapist.

8) You are too proud. What’s more important? Satisfying your ego or winning your love back? Don’t let a good thing slip away.

9) Your expectations are unrealistic. You can never expect her to come back. She will see right through it and stay far away. Be genuine and loving but do not expect the same from her.

10) You’re boozing or drugging. Don’t be self-destructive. Not if you really want the love of your life back. Get yourself under control and take good care of yourself. She will definitely notice.

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