10 Ways To Lose Your Girl

Posted on July 21, 2010


One of the most popular relationship books over the past decade is called “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” The author, John Gray Ph.D blogs on his website http://www.askmarsvenus.com frequently.

Recently his staff asked members of their blog community the top 10 ways to turn off, and more than likely, have your girlfriend/wife become your ex. Here they are in order:

1) Lies, lies, lies…no bigger no-no than just plain being dishonest. And with no truth there is no trustworthiness.

2) Possessiveness…when you’re controlling or needy or downright demanding, you are at your worst. Would you want to be around somebody like that?

3) Being mean…disrespect and insensitivity can bust up a relationship very quickly. Women need to feel accepted and appreciated.

4) Lack of communication…you don’t listen or hear or communicate clearly. Learn to open your ears with unconditional listening. It is a relationship booster.

5) Being neglectful…lack of attention is critical to the way women feel about themselves. You must let them know they matter to you and your relationship is a priority.

6) Lack of attention…wandering eye syndrome, flirting and just dumb behavior that makes your partner feel as if she’s not special is relationship killer.

7) Rudeness…women truly appreciate a man who is polite and exhibits good manners. Disgusting personal habits and foul mouths are never a turn-on.

8) Loving thyself…no one admires an arrogant, selfish individual. When you put someone else down, your mate notices and it is not in a good way.

9) Aggressive, abusive behavior…does anything else need to be said? Even if the behavior isn’t aimed at your girl, this is a strong indication of some deep-seeded problems. Get a hold of yourself.

10) Hung up on your ex…too much talk about your ex could have your girl feeling that you’re still wanting her…even if you are denigrating her…So stay away from ex discussion at all costs…

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